PACE Method in Stages

The PACE method consists of training and development in knowledge, skills, abilities using technology in the context of official standards, protocols and clinical guidelines.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Technology

The PACE method ensures that the Health Provider can apply these four concepts quickly and effectively in a clinical environment.

The Project ECHO Platform

The ECHO program is composed of experts who will act as advisors and facilitators in discussion groups, pre and post workshops, and online lectures.

External Validation

PACE Center is the sole and exclusive training center in Mexico and Panama of the American Academy of Family Physicians licensed to teach the courses in obstetric emergencies ALSO and BLSO…

Social Impact/Community Development

PACEMD has a mission within the Health Sector to train, develop, and implement projects and programs that generate social impact in underserved areas. The mission works…

PACE on the move

These are some of the activities with social impact by PACE

Pace Introductory Video

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PACE is a dynamic organization for medical training in Mexico and Latin America. Specializing in emergency obstetrics at all levels of the “chain of survival”.    

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The Global Health Program PACE-Medspanish spans several sectors that help to improve the health of the community in North America and Latin America.