PACE SONO (Ultrasound)

What is?

This is a new tool that will revolute the emergency care in Latin America. We are presenting the Spanish Ultrasound program, designed to be realized at the patient’s bed. We are working in coordination with Third Rock Ultrasound and Sonosite.

Target of this course

  • Emergency Physicians
  • General Practitioners on ER
  • Orthopedic and trauma Specialists
  • Intensive care Specialists
  • Internal Medicine Specialists

What are the elements of this course?

PACE-Sono is and Emergency Ultrasound course

In two days, it covers the main applications of the emergency ultrasound, on mornings we discuss theoretical aspects, and in afternoons we focus lab experiencies with live models in order to obtain realistic and significative experience for the participant

Objectives of this course

Main goals of this course

This course also has an vascular access program, with this, at the end of the course, the participants will be able to

* Correctly use the ultrasound equipment, as well as obtain adequate quality images

*Acquire ultrasound images to test abdominal aorta, kidneys, female organs, heart and gallbladder.

*Acquire ultrasound images to determine injuries on trauma test and evaluation, resuscitation and critical medicine

* Adquirir  imágenes  de  ultrasonido para  determinar lesiones en la  evaluación

* Use of ultrasound to ease the installation of IV catheters on procedures and soft tissue

Table of contents

* Introduction to Ultrasound course
* Physics and fundaments
* Instrumentation
* Ultrasound guided vascular access
* Trauma Ultrasound
* Abdominal and Retroperitoneum Ultrasound
* Laboratory Practice
* Ultrasound Procedures
* Introduction to Cardiac and thoracic Ultrasound
* Use of Ultrasound on Resuscitation and Critical Care Medicine
* Ultrasonido del primer trimestre y  ectópico
* Ultrasonido de Tejido Blando* Práctica de Laboratorio