PACE FI (Training for instructors)

What is?

The program consists of various modules, making it easier for an instructor to teach different courses of different programs, while preserving the quality philosophy that has characterized the PACE Center.

The first two modules are mandatory and provide methodological tools that would form the basis for successful participation in the following.

Target of this course

Anyone interested in becoming a PACE Instructor, who has accredited the course you want to teach discipline and have a letter of potential instructor, or a written invitation of the director or a written invitation of the director or coordinator of the course in which he participated. To receive the card or relevant certificate, he must take the modules are described below and meet the academic and administrative requirement that each course provides a particular way.

Objectives of this course

Equip participants with the necessary tools to facilitate and properly convey knowledge to properly convey knowledge to people enrolled in the various courses that are held in the training center providing general pedagogical skills that will be useful no matter the course or discipline being conducted.